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Please be aware that currently the form below sends your passphrase to the NFTMagic server. Of course there is no logging of any form field on the server itself so there is no tracking or storing your passphrase. We use this way for testing purposes only as it makes the improvements on the form easier.

When launching in livenet transactions will be safely signed using SIGBRO! And we’ll be very glad if you test it our already now on testnet. Just follow the instructions in the “Upload with SIGBRO!” page. 

Your Ardor TESTNET 2.x passphrase (at least 400 ignis in account)

Switch if this NFT is part of a collection. Switch only after passphrase is typed.
Or Switch off and on again if passphrase has changed

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NFT Description

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How many should exist of this NFT? Normally it's 1 as these are unique pieces.
More than 1 will increase the issuing fees drammatically.

Add your NFT file

Note: Only .jpeg, .png, .gif, .mp3 and .mp4 format allowed to a max size of 5MB.